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The most intuitive idea is the different breeds, there is a huge difference in dog size. Adult dogs of large dogs may weigh 80 times the weight of mini dogs, plus different ages, Activity and physiological status. It can be imagined that the amount of food and nutritional specifications required by each pets everyday should be completely different. We have no way to meet the diet required by each baby through a single product. Customization is the only way we can think of to improve the food quality

We treat every pets as his own baby and his own family. Therefore, we do not prioritize cost in the choice of ingredients and insist on using the most suitable Ingredient making. Taking the carbohydrate source as an example, we do not use the feed grade rice commonly used in general feeds, which is the so-called broken rice and secondary rice (meaning the mixed impurities and fragmentation generated in the process of producing rice for people to eat.)

On the contrary, we insist on using brown rice that is more nutritious than the white rice we eat, and truly serve our babies in the same way we treat our families, even if the price of brown rice is more than four times more expensive than that of rice for feed. Because we believe that this is a cause of conscience, we must persist in places we can’t see.

Products Ingredients Making:

Chicken and Fish with Sweet Potato

Ingredients: Chicken meal, tapioca starch, black bean, hydrolyzed protein, chicken fat, codfish meal, dried sweet potato, molasses yeast, dried yolk, functional cellulose, fish oil, tallow, choline, multiple minerals (zinc amino acid complex, copper amino acid complex, manganese amino acid complex, iron amino acid complex, zinc-L-selenomethionine, calcium iodate), dried bonito, taurine, sodium tripolyphosphate, probiotics*, hydrolyzed yeast, methionine, multiple vitamins (A, B complex, D, E), rosemary extract, cranberry extract, green tea extract, persimmon extract

*Probiotics including: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Bacillus subtilis and Lactobacillus

Fresh sea fish

Origin: Taiwan, South China Sea

  • The freshly harvested ghost head knife from Taiwan is used with ocean cod, which is fresh and delicious
  • Provides an excellent source of protein, a balanced amino acid composition and the highest protein utilization rate of any meat. Easy digestion, no burden on the stomach
  • Specially selected fish (cod and ghost knife) from Taiwan cats that are less exposed to meat, significantly reducing the risk of food sensitivity
  • Fish meat is rich in essential fatty acids omega-3, which can maintain skin health and effectively regulate immune mechanisms

Dried fish

Origin: South China Sea

  • Common and abundant fingerlings, such as catfish and sardines, made from whole fish
  • Anchovies and sardines are excellent animal protein sources, with a balanced amino acid composition and high protein utilization
  • Rich in essential fatty acids omega-3, calcium and iron to maintain skin and bone health
  • Use lower-layer fingerlings from the marine food chain to eliminate the problem of heavy metal and toxin accumulation and contribute to marine conservation

Dry chicken

Origin: Taiwan

  • Made with whole whole chickens, rich in high protein and sufficient minerals, closer to the nutritional needs of primitive dogs
  • Chicken is a source of high-quality animal protein, providing sufficient and balanced essential amino acids
  • From breeding, transportation to slaughter, the whole process is controlled with high quality, and the slaughterhouse is supervised by government quarantine personnel.

Dired sweet potato

Origin: Taiwan

  • Strictly selected Taiwan No. 57 sweet potato, made by washing, beating and drying
  • A low glycemic index (low GI) source of carbohydrates that helps blood sugar management
  • Enriched with dietary fiber and micronutrients to promote intestinal health

Black Bean

Origin: China

  • Black beans, also known as the “king of beans,” are rich in high-quality proteins, vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, and dietary fiber.
  • A low glycemic index (low GI) source of carbohydrates that helps blood sugar management
  • Black bean epidermis is rich in anthocyanidin, which has anti-oxidant effect and is an excellent health food

Fresh and dry beef

Origin: Taiwan & Australia

  • Taiwan native grazing grass-fed cattle, lean meat, low fat and no burden
  • Frozen fresh beef imported from Australia, instantaneous cooking locks the flavor of the original beef, retains extremely fresh aroma and taste
  • Beef is an amino acid balanced meat, rich in iron, vitamin B12 and other micronutrients
  • Fresh beef with dry beef, while meeting the protein and mineral needs of hair children, creating a perfect nutrition ratio

Coconut Meal

Origin: Vietnam

  • Contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can help intestinal motility and help intestinal health
  • The oil in coconut flour contains a lot of medium-chain fatty acids, which can be used as a source of energy for nerve cells to maintain nerve health
  • Medium-chain fatty acids also have functions such as reducing fat accumulation and maintaining normal blood glucose metabolism.
  • With a faint natural fragrance loved by dogs

Rosemary extract

Origin: United States

  • An antioxidant extracted from natural herbal ingredients 
  • Rich in rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid, which can efficiently scavenge free radicals, which can effectively prevent oil oxidation

Green tea extract

Origin: China

  • The natural antioxidants obtained from the natural extraction process of green tea leaves have antioxidant functions and prevent lipid peroxidation 
  • Green tea is rich in green tea polyphenols and catechins, which help to maintain fresh breath, reduce odors in the mouth and stool, and help the body resist free radical damage

Molasses yeast

Origin: Taiwan

  • It is the product of fermentation in the sugar production process. It contains yeast protein and its synthesized high amount of protein, vitamin B group, minerals and other unknown growth factors.
  • According to the clinical test information of dog allergens, the allergenicity of molasses yeast is much lower than that of beer yeast, which is widely used in pet food.
  • Contains yeast cell wall, can enhance the resistance of hair children, and help promote the growth of good bacteria and help the intestine to be stable and healthy

Cod oil

Origin: Alaska, United States

  • Fish oil is rich in essential fatty acids omega-3 (EPA, DHA). Moderate supplementation can regulate the immune mechanism, which is beneficial for skin, cardiovascular and juvenile development
  • Provides omega-3 fatty acids of animal origin, which are easier to be used by dogs and cats than those of plant origin
  • Cod is an ocean-going fish with high nutritional value. The fish oil is mild in flavor and is one of the world’s most advanced fish oil ingredients.


Origin: Thailand and Poland

  • Pure starch with simple ingredients and no susceptible substances
  • Simple structure, easy to be absorbed and used by the intestine

Immunomodulating probiotics

Origin: Taiwan

  • Native probiotic strain isolated from Taiwan pickled cabbage
  • Taiwan and the United States patented strains effectively regulate the immune system
  • Animal experiments have proven effective in soothing allergies

Functional cellulose

Origin: Germany

  • Through the unique fiber microtubule structure, the effective area of the digestive process is increased, and the nutrients are digested and absorbed
  • Unique fiber structure promotes intestinal water absorption and helps stool formation

Hydrolyzed protein peptide

Origin: Taiwan

  • Hydrolyzed soybeans and algae proteins with Taiwan patented proprietary technology for hydrolyzing soy and algae proteins, providing high-quality and low-allergenic proteins, effectively reducing the risk of food sensitivity
  • High digestibility and easy absorption, reducing intestinal burden
  • Enriched with nutritional factors and functional peptide products to enhance hair and child immunity

Produtcs Grade For ALl Cat

Antioxidant-enriched/Hydrolyzed protein/Superfood/Low calories/Hairball control/Limited P/Triangular kibble

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